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Being Sick Sucks.

Being exhausted I think is one of the best feelings in the world. Having worked so hard that once your head hits the pillow it’s lights out for you, no staying up all night tossing and turning or flipping through channels to see what’s on the tube at 3am. Lately this is the feeling I’ve been having. But nope, it’s got to rain on my parade, because I have no time to be exhausted. I find myself waking up ten minutes before I have to leave to go someone, I feel rushed, and even worse I don’t feel as though I am getting much done. I think that what I want to believe is my happy feeling of exhaustion is really just a mirage due to me being sick the past week. Being sick sucks.


FSC summed up.

My getaway here at FSC has been awesome. I’ve been to the campus once before earlier in the year but since then I haven’t been back nor seen any students other than Mandy. However it was like they knew me longer than that one time because everyone was so excited that I was here, especially Jessie. It was great because I didn’t have that isolated feeling because I didn’t really know anybody here. And even people I didn’t meet the time before were friendly too. Everyone’s so nice here.
Other than the obvious, Mandy, the person I was happiest to meet was her new boyfriend, Phil. She and he have only been dating for the past few days and I’m glad to be able to meet him so early in their relationship. He’s nice, defiantly will be good for her and of coarse has my stamp of approval. Last night I hung out with him, Mandy, and his roommate Brian. The four of us ate Pizza and watched ‘Robinhood, Men in tights’. Then afterwards the couple and I went for a three mile walk around the lake. And the two of them are so cute together. He’s proper, playful, sweet, and honest, not to mention very sexy. I know there is more out there but the only picture I can find of him on Mandy’s computer is one where he’s just in the background but here it is;

In addition to meeting so many cool people I participated in some college activities. I ate in the cafeteria like a real student, I even wrote an essay to help Mandy out, she laid out the platform and I just added to what she had, I’m curious to see the grade on it. I also joined in and went to Conga, which is like a boring rally for the school. I had the full experience of being a college student.

Today is my last day here at FCS and I defiantly will make a point to come back, hopefully on better terms.

My First Single Getaway

David and I are broken up.
It didn’t quite hit me that I was now single until my 2 hour drive to Lakeland. Also when we broke up I was angry but when I saw him the next day I wasn’t. And it was so hard because he was being nice, nicer than when we were still in our relationship. Although he took the house key he said call when I can come over to grab the rest of the stuff and that he would help me with the TV when I’m ready to move it out. I didn’t cry until after I left his house.
Since broken up I feel as though I need to leave, not for good, just for a few days. So that night I went to the movies with a friend. Then stayed the night at my mom’s. And now I’m at Mandy’s college, Florida Southern, in Lakeland. I’m going to stay here for a few days until I have to go back for work on Wednesday, I even think I would like to call out on Wednesday or ask Brad if he’ll work for me so I can stay out an extra day, I deserve a break, some care free time for myself. I think it’s something I need as much as I deserve.

Bad Karma or Bad Luck?

Isn’t the rule never to kick a fella when they’re down? I ask this because just these past days I’ve had nothing but one bad occurrence on top of another.
Yesterday morning it started off with a fight, because my mom needed some money and asked if I could I could just pay my car payment early. I admit it was David’s and my money that I used but I didn’t think it mattered because that’s how we usually did it our money was our money. And I knew that would make us broke but only until Friday, but our gas tanks were full and he had cash to last him till then. But the trouble started because his mom looked over my bank statements (I let her because she wanted to know how much he was making because his paychecks went into my account) and questioned all of my spending after she had just told me that she wasn’t looking at anymore of the statement other than her son’s info. David yelled at me over the phone and said he wants the money back from my mom. He owed her $300 anyways from when she lent us $400 and he only paid her back $100. And even though I gave her $420 if he’s upset that it still didn’t add up well then add in the $300 dollars he asked to barrow from me to pay rent when I moved out into Mandy’s house. So I call it even but I understand why he is upset.
After I escaped that scene I went over to my Mom’s office and helped her file paper work until her and I went out for a nice lunch.
Then there was work, it seemed as though it was going to be all right until I got questioned by everyone about my personal life, am I pregnant and has David ever hit you were the most common questions.
First problem small, I nicked myself with a knife. Nothing big just needed a band aid to wrap around my finger.
Second problem, I while pouring a gallon of water from the hot water tap I accidentally overflowed the contained. I stopped the water and went to pour it forward onto the counter so I could dump the rest in the sink and instead it sloshed back and poured onto the top of my right hand. With help from my coworkers Brittany and Nicole we tried using mustard, vinegar, and pickle juice to heal it. None of that worked and then we found some burn goo pads to hold on it. I lasted three hours at work using my left hand but it got to much. I went to the ER because it’s better safe then sorry because if the burn got infected or something I couldn’t pay for it myself so I took the advice of others and went to the hospital. The redness went down from the pad I had on it but my hand was still swollen and sore. The doc at the hospital said they couldn’t do anything for me and told me to take Motrin. And put ice on it when it starts to sting. I always though the rule was to never to put ice on a burn, guess I was wrong. My hand looks very red and ugly right now and it’s a strain to straighten out my finger but I still am going to go to work because I need the hours.
My bad luck continued and I started my period.
Then I returned home to a boyfriend that wouldn’t look at me none the less talk to me or touch me. I leaned in to kiss his cheek and he turned away.
I had a crapy night sleep waking up all hours of the night and then at 5 I couldn’t fall back asleep.
We even ran out of toilet paper which sucked because I don’t have much cash right now and have to pay with change.
Then when I went to my car it was infested with ants, the biting kind, I found that out because they crawled up my pants as I was driving and bit my legs. And three of the places I went to so I could use a vacuumed was broken. And even after vacuuming the ants are still there. I put bounce sheets in the car hoping that will draw them out but it would so suck if it just pushed them deeper into the car.
David’s mom just called, she needs me to meet up with her at the bank again so she can get David’s paycheck out. She asked me to pick a time for Friday, I said 3pm and she said that isn’t convient for him so I need to meet her at 10 and that sucks because it’s not near my house, it is near my work but the bank thing will only take 3 minutes and what do I do after that? Waste the gas and go back home just to return for work a few hours later? Maybe I can take the money out tonight and have David get the money to her on his lunch break. I just need to get my ATM card from my mother though. Maybe I could talk her into a free meal at Bob Evans.
All and all, lately everything is going to shit. I just want it to stop.

Also this bad day is leading me to miss a few days of the gym, I don’t feel as though on the first days of my period that I should go to the gym but I will make up the missed hours next week.

Does anyone have a lucky charm?

To My Computer Smart Friends,

My computer has a virus. Well doesn’t this suck. Everything had been going so well and then I get a message saying that there was a critical system error. I clicked the bubble and it linked me to a site to get myself a virus protector, so I paid, I downloaded, and well it still isn’t working. I’m going to consult with a friend tonight and ask him what I shall do. I won’t be able to see him until later on tonight, so, till then I’m going to copy and paste all of my documents and e-mail it all to myself just incase I’ve got to start my computer over. But as for my photos, what do I do? How will I know if they have been infected by the virus or not? Could I save them all to photo bucket.com and they be fine? Hope so, I really don’t want to loose all of my documents and photos. Also I had saved all of my music to a MP3 player, I hope that doesn’t self destruct too.
Help Me!

Sept 27, 2006
David said he looked over my computer and I have no viruses. That Virus Burst had made my computer say those things so that I would buy their program. I feel for their advertising technique. But I’m talking with their customer help trying to get my program canceled and my money back. And then my friend will fix my computer and give me a free a better virus protector.


Official Member:Meeting with Morgan

I am an official member of the Gold’s Gym. Yesterday I signed up and today I had my first meeting with trainer. She’s nice, her name is Morgan and she LOVES peanut butter. I enjoy having her as my trainer, today we went over the paper work, filled in information about my diet now and what small things I should begin to change. Then 10 minutes on one of the cardio machines. Start off small. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with her at 7am and we’re going to go though and do a little weight training. I haven’t yet set a schedule yet but my idea is to do 10 minutes of warm up on a cardio machine, then some training with the weights, kill time with some more cardio until a class starts, and then attend what ever class. I’m also going to change little bits about my diet, such as for breakfast instead of just having bread I’m going to have wheat bead with natural peanut butter. Then a few hours later a snack. Also I’m going to avoid fried food and cancel out MC Donald’s all together. Eat more salads and try using oil and vinegar as my salad dressing, also throw in some nuts.

My Measurements
Weight : 222lbs
Height : 5’9”
BMI : 38

I know all of the things I need to become healthy and fit and I want nothing more than to follow through with my goals but my one of my big biggest flaw is my lack of patience and that’s always been what has held me back before. How do I make this time different? How does some one become more patient?


30 minutes with Rachel Ray

I love having a TV. Even better, having DVR, the ability to pause and rewind live TV as well as recording all of your favorite shows. I’ve found that my roommate, who the DVR belongs to, has recorded a few shows already on it. Such as Bone, a TV show that I had been dying to watch but never could until now. However, I’ve watched all of the recordings and I’m waiting for another episode to come on but I don’t know when that will be. But while I’m waiting I’ve found that there are so many other things to watch, for example the food network. And with DVR watching cooking shows is so much better because if things go to fast for me and I miss something I can just rewind. So that’s what I’ve been doing lately watching the food network and getting ideas for meals to cook. I’m not a picky eater but David is he likes things just plain and simple and that’s quite the opposite of me.
Last night for dinner I cooked a meal I learned off of the Rachel Ray show. Only about one third of the items I cooked I really loved, toasted ravioli in a home made pasta sauce. I was quite skeptical about the meal but it turned out more than delicious. Cook a lot and make it a meal or cook a little and have it as an appetizer it’s perfect as both.

The Recipe for Toasted RavioliCollapse )


5 misses phone calls...

And that lines me up for my boyfriend wanting to beat the shit out of me, but he says that I’m lucky that his momma raised him better that to hit a woman. Lucky? That’s not what I would call it. 4 out of the 5 phone calls I missed in just 90 minutes was his. My reason for not answering was only because I was at the gym in a Bosu and Pilates class. He called me with an emergency, his car broke down and apparently I’m the only person he knows so he was 100% relying on me and me not answering my phone made his highly upset at me, like I said earlier he wanted to beat the shit out of me. He was made cause he didn’t know where I was, he had his boss drive him around to the house to look for me and he said he checked the gym and never say my car, however instead of trying to find me why didn’t he go to the auto place to get the part? I showed up 120 minutes after the first call and drove with him to the auto place. Of coarse this fiasco got into an even larger argument where he told me everything he didn’t like about me and how he could do so much better that me. Sating that I never helped him with anything unless it was convenient to me. He said that I’m never there for him when he needs me so I challenged him to list the occasions that I wasn’t there and his list went up to two and he couldn’t even think of the exact occasion. I was there though when he got pulled over on his bike (he blamed me for that though because his sun glasses were left in my car), I drove him to work when he had no car, I bought him ever quest so he had something to do at home, after coming home from a long day at work I go out and get him soda. I don’t think he recognizes what I do. I recognize what he does for me, taking care of me and making runs to the store when I am sick, tucking me in at night, and bring me lunch at work when I am sick of Bob Evans’ food.
And like always after the fight is over the next few hours is weird but then again in the morning everything becomes fine again and the memory is in the back of our mind. Right now I’m waiting for him to come home so I can make us dinner; he said he would be lat cause of the car and rain.
Before, after he and I fought I was all ready to move out and then he called me and we talked calmly and then that ruined my anger streak. So what did I do when I got home, well I didn’t pack up. Instead I cleaned the house of all the cat hair to make him comfortable for him when he gets home because of his allergies. Even after a fight I’m doing everything I can to make him happy.


My two friends that were dating finally broke up. I comfort and support both of them during their rough times. But one of them Chris, on a group trip with friends as well as his former, had to go and open his big mouth and call her names that he shouldn’t have. The ex girlfriend, Mandy, has refused to talk to me about it and Chris hasn’t mentioned anything to me so officially I haven’t heard it out of the horse’s mouth but it was bad.
And well, Chris just called my cell and asked me if I was going out with the group tonight, I turned the invite down but accepted another one, to go to Hemmingway’s with him on Saturday night. When I told David my plans he got so upset with me and said that I was stabbing my friend in the back by going out with him. And I not hating Chris I thought would have nothing to do with out relationship anyways but he says it has everything to do with us. So David is pissed off at me because I’m playing both sides and being friends to them both. Is it me or does that seem somewhat stupid? And then he goes on to say that’s why he doesn’t have friends, but what do you call the people he hangs out with? Acquaintances, I hate when he refers to his friends as just acquaintances because each of them would gout out of their way to help us anytime and a lot of them already have.
I don’t know how to react.

New Place to Live

I am almost officially moved out, as of now I’m half moved out. I’ve got a good portion of my stuff moved into the new house but what we are missing is the furniture and some little things here and there such as hangers but David and Bull Dog are picking the rest up from the previous houses using Big Red, Bulldog’s truck.
And while they do the manly moving grunt work I do what is usually left to the females, the cleaning and unpacking. I started with the bathroom which I think as a good place to start because it looked as though it had never been cleaned and it had also had been used by a male, need I say more. Next I’ll clean the kitchen and if I’m brave the fridge. They have two fridges in the house, the one in the kitchen looks nice and new but it doesn’t work. But the one they do use is a few yards away in the garage and it looks… well… I can quote Buffy and say that if something starts growing we’re going to have to name it. And then of coarse slowly but surely I’ll get to my room where all of the boxes and duffle bags are. Also our bed room needs… well a bed… so David and I are going shopping. I found one on WalMart.com but you have to build it yourself I think and I don’t want to build anything that I am going to be sleeping on. Good thing I love shopping for this kind of stuff but to bad we don’t have an endless amount of money coming in.

Oh also, for those that don’t know because I failed to post it. I’m living now in a 3/2/1 in PSL, FL. We’re sharing the house with another lady and sometimes her boyfriend as well as the two cats and one dog. We only pay $600/mo which seems like a good price seeing as how the house is mostly to ourselves so far it seems because a lot of the time she stays at her boyfriend’s place or goes to visit her family in West Palm. The bed room is big, a lot bigger than ones that we’ve previously had, and the main TV has Satellite which I think is cool because I used to like watching TV but haven’t had one with cable in over a year. And this one is like TVO, you can record and rewind live TV a very cool invention might I say. Also a surprise I found this morning, I looked at the shows that she records and all of it is “Bones” the show that David Boreanaz is on now that Angel is gone, how lucky am I ?

Anyways, as soon as I can I’ll take pictures of my new place and post them up.
And if anyone would like my new address just e-mail me at SamanthaKloorfain@yahoo.com and I’ll get it to you. :)